These days, working out and drinking a protein shake pretty much go hand in hand.  I know my trainer is always banging on about making sure I remember my protein.  There are a ton of benefits, I get it. The protein helps build muscles and aids them repair quickly helping avoid injury from over training

But I’ll be honest – I’ve tried a lot of protein powders in my time.  A large majority of are them are pretty revolting to drink straight.  And I kinda get sick of having shakes.  Using water doesn’t give it a creamy texture or flavour, coconut milk makes me sick when drunk in that amount.


So I tend to have a stock pile of protein powders in the pantry that I’ve tried once and not been able to stomach a second time.  Which is a bummer because they are not cheap!

I suspect I’m not alone.

But never fear.  Consulting the great oracle (aka Google) shows a lot of creative ways you can use protein powder and I thought I’d share a couple of these ways – along with my favourite recipes to get you started!

Protein Cookies

Who doesn’t like a cookie and its one of the easiest ways to get some protein in.  Add ingredients like peanut butter and protein powder into your recipes.  Try these recipes on for size.

My Top Pick  – Chocolate Protein Cookies (GF, Low Cal, Palaeo, Vegan) from Megan at Skinny Fitalicious. Click Here for Recipe

protein powder

Chocolate Protein Cookies – Skinny Fitalicious


Other great protein powder cookie recipes:

Paleo Protein Brookies from Fit Foodie Finds

Healthy 3 Ingredient No Bake Paleo Protein Cookies from The Big Man’s World

Paleo Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies from Deliciously Fit

Protein Balls

Anyone whos read my blog knows I’m mad about bliss balls.  This is a great way to use up some of that protein powder and makes a fabulous little snack you can take with you for when the hunger pangs strike arouond mid afternoon.

My Top Pick – Protein Power Balls from Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef. Get the recipe here.



protein bliss balls

Protein Power Balls – The Healthy Chef

More protein ball recipes

Super Quick Chocolate Protein Bliss Balls from the team at Ubershape

Hazelnut Bliss Bombs from Alisha, The Naughty Naturopath Mum

Raw Caramel Protein Bliss Balls from Bodhi Organic Tea

Protein Ice-Cream

Yep that’s right. Protein Ice-cream – what more is there to be said!

My Top PickHealthy High Protein Cookies and Cream Icecream from the dude behind The Big Man’s World (Paleo, vegan, gluten free – and no icecream churner needed!

healthy icecream

More protein ice-cream recipes to keep you cool!

Paleo Protein Ice Cream from Clean Eats From a Filthy Mouth

Protein Ice Cream Dessert from Only Nutrition

Raspberry Almond Chocolate Protein Ice Cream from Sonia at The Healthy Foodie

Just looking back through these recipes really makes me want to go hit up the kitchen! But still looking for more ways to add some protein powder into your daily routine?  One last resource that should keep you busy 🙂

If none of those creative ideas for consuming more protein power appeal to you, check out this resource. The LiveStrong website posted an article entitled “22 Delicious Protein Powder Recipes (That Are NOT Shakes)”. It can be found at Livestrong and provides specific recipes that take the guesswork out of getting more protein powder into your diet, without drinking another boring protein shake.