Earlier this year I endeavoured to put in place a fitness routine – of which I’ve had various degrees of success and approached with changing levels of enthusiasm!

The hardest thing is always getting started.  Even as I right this I’m thinking up excuses in my head not to go to Yoga tonight – it’d be so much more comfy to sit on the lounge with a glass of wine.  I’m still not at the point where I walk out the door with gear in hand without even thinking about it.

In the beginning, it is easy to talk yourself out of exercising. If you really don’t want to exercise, finding an excuse is not at all difficult. However, if you do want to continue working out, but need a little help until it becomes a habit and part of your daily routine.

Heere are some tips and tricks may work as well for you as they have for others – and me when I put my mind to it!

Set a goal

Without an ending point or something to look forward to, what is the point of exercising. And how do you know if you are making progress of not? Set a realistic and attainable goal to give you the motivation you need to keep working toward success. In the beginning it will be tough, but as you start to see results and movement toward your goal, it will get easier. See my post on tracking your fitness progress for some more ideas.

fitness routine

Get an exercise buddy

There will be times when you just don’t feel like exercising. But you drive on and do it because you don’t want to let your buddy down. However, the truth be known, there probably have been times when your buddy didn’t feel like exercising either, but did to not let you down. Exercising with a friend is one of the best motivators to keep exercising. Find one with about the same goals as you and work out together. Each of you will gain support from the other.  A word to the wise though… you can run into trouble when your buddy is as easily distracted by a night in on the lounge with a glass of wine as you are…. or so I’ve heard.

Switch routines

Doing the same thing over and over gets boring after a while. And because of the resiliency of our bodies, they get used to doing the same thing and do it more efficiently, meaning you don’t burn as many calories now as you did when you first started that routine. By mixing it up, you are challenging your body, forcing it to burn more calories, plus you are using different muscle groups which will become more toned – all adding to the lean long body that you desire. Plus, having to focus on new exercises will keep your mind sharp and from getting bored.  To switch up my routines I have a number of workout DVD’s I switch between as well as a couple of different classes at the gym.

Do it for you

Not only does exercise help you lose weight and tone muscle, making you look fabulous in the mirror, but it can stave off and even prevent some serious diseases, like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis … need I go on? These for the most part are things you can’t see in the mirror, but not only can improve the quality of life, but actually extend it. Most of us want to live in the best health for as long as we can. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help make it happen.  Your why is actually really important – make sure you  have a really good understanding of what it is and how it will impact you

Until exercising becomes a habit and something you really don’t have to think about doing every day, these four ways should help you stick to a workout schedule and make you want to hit the gym every day.