I’m a snacker at heart.  I’ve always preferred to eat lots of small things or gazing I guess – rather than one big meal.  

That can lead to some pretty bad eating habits if I don’t have the right sort of food around.  And when I’m travelling – whether a simple commute to work (that’s still 1.5 hoours each way) or a longer trip, I can easily run into all sorts of trouble.  I’ve discoverd the trick is to be organised and have things on hand that make great healthy road trip snacks. Being family holidays oftern result in the necies and nephews scrambling to travel wit htheir favourite aunt and uncle (that’s us, in case you didnt get it 🙂 ) snacks also need to be kid friendly.

Taking healthy snacks with you on a road trip is not only better for your health, but is less expensive and can save you time by not having to stop as much. But what should you bring with you?

But not all snacks are created equal – and I’m not just talking about healthy versus unhealthy.

Let’s just assume for a moment that it’s a given the snacks are healthy… I’m talking about the fact that some foods are better for traveling than others.

There are three things I always aim for when packing my road trip snacks.


Being able to eat things by grabbing them with your fingers is easier (and safer) if you plan on eating while driving. Things like trail mix, baby carrots, fruit/protein bars, and various nuts and seeds are easy to eat going down the road and require zero preparation time. You can create portions before leaving home by placing them in small zip-lock bags.  And remember these are our recommendations as a passenger or for pit stops.. or you will be cleaning them out of the car for weeks – and because we don’t condone doing any other activity while you are actually moving your vehicle.

Don’t Need Peeling

Things that need peeling like oranges, grapefruit or peaches are not good choices as they end up creating a sticky mess. However, apples, pears and grapes are great choices because they can stay whole. Eat the skin and get some additional nutrition.

Not Messy 

Certain foods are messier to eat than others. For example, sunflower seeds still in the shell can mess up a car real fast as can cherries with the pit still in them. For kids, boxed juice drinks and squeezable yogurts work well.

road trip snacks

photo credit: carssales.com.au

Keeping Things Cold

If you are taking meat and cheese with you, along with some fruits and vegetables, you are going to need a way to keep these items cool. Two of the most popular ways are a cooler with ice or a small electric refrigerator that plugs into your car’s power socket. Most travel frigs also come with a power adapter so you can plug in once at your hotel for the night. The latter is less messy and time intensive because you are not always trying to keep things out of melted water and not draining off water and refilling with ice every day.

Controlling Trash

Be sure to bring along some larger zip-lock bags to put the accumulated trash in. Zip-locks work better in that things are not going to fall out of them after zipped and it reduces the smell of garbage in the vehicle.

With a little prior planning, it is not that hard to pack healthy snacks before leaving on a road-trip. Not only will it reduce the consumption of unhealthy fast food and save you money, but it can save a ton of time by reducing the number times you have to stop to eat. With the abundance of healthy snacks available, there is no reason why a road trip should wreck your healthy eating plan.