It’s no secret. I love Fitness, I love Tech and I love Jewelry.  Combine those and BAM!… Fitness Wearable Tech!

If you’ve been following the blog it might become apparent I have a little teeny obsession with fitness trackers.  And now that I have a range of interchangeable funky bracelet bands for my Alta I’m even more excited! (thank you eBay!)

Metal Wrist Bands Silver Hollow for Fitbit Alta w/ Links Remover Gem Crystal New

There is plenty of debate as to whether Fitness trackers and wearable tech actually helps when it comes to improving fitness.  If you haven’t already check out my post Do People Really Exercise More With Activity Trackers?

But let’s assume you are in the ‘fitness trackers motivate me’ group. How do you choose the right tech?

Just like you wouldn’t go out and purchase the first phone you come across, without doing some research, you shouldn’t go out and purchase the first fitness wearable tech you come across solely because you like the style of it (Okay I’m guilty… but trust me – this can be an expensive mistake.)

So here are 6 things to consider before you put your hard earned cash down. (And if you are like me and like pretty pictures scroll to the end for the infographic)


This is the major thing to consider for most people before purchase. Determine how much you are ready to spend for a particular device. Of course, price usually goes hand-in-hand with how useful a gadget is to your specific situation

Brand and model

Many wearable devices fall under the category “fitness tracker,” but each one offers different features which you should definitely research according to your specific needs. For instance, the FitBit Charge HR is known for its heart rate monitoring, while the Jawbone UP3 has one of the best sleep-tracking feature of all current devices


Design is an important factor to consider because you will be wearing majority of these gadgets daily. Generally, the wearable device has to be comfortable

Battery Life

It is important to determine how long a wearable device can go before it needs to be recharged. This is particularly important if you’re going on a long run or hike. Be aware that maintaining a gadget’s battery can become a task in the long-term

Data Security

One of the most important things to consider is how secured your personal data will be once you connect a device to a third-party website or app. Your personal information is of utmost importance so it is best to choose popular brands that are known for continuously testing their products.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Determine if the wearable device you plan to buy is compatible with your existing devices. Generally, the Apple Watch requires iPhone 5 or newer, while Android-based smartwatches won’t work on any iPhone

Investing into any fitness wearable technology is definitely a way to transform your health, hopefully these 6 important considerations will help you decide if a wearable device is appropriate for your situation or not, or ensure you buy the best one to fit your needs.

In case you are wondering – my current tracker is an Alta Fitbit for day to day step tracking and weekly challenges with friends and the Fitbit app to track.  I also use a Polar v800 when I am in “serious” running training mode… this is pretty much a mini computer that tracks everything for improving running performance (probably a bit – okay, a lot – more than my needs but maybe one day….)  I use it with However it’s pretty chunky to wear all day to calculate calorie burn and steps.

Plus my new bands for the Alta are just so pretty……..

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