Let’s face it.  We all want youthful looking skin for as long as we can.  But the skin, being the body’s largest organ, is the most vulnerable as it is exposed to all the elements – pollution, sun, and air.  So this is, of course, is where the first visible signs of aging occur.  While you might be aging underneath internally, your skin (and hair) is what gives away that you are, in fact, getting older.

But all isn’t lost, and there are a number of effective ways that you can keep your skin looking young – without resorting to surgery or salon treatments. (we will cover those in another post)

Tips for Youthful Looking Skin

Here are six tips to help keep your skin in tip top condition and keep those compliments rolling in.

Don’t smoke 

Apart from the multitude of life threatening health issues caused by smoking, cigarettes can pile on the years (in looks at least) like no-ones business! They are full of harmful chemicals, over four thousand, in fact.  These chemicals make your skin age faster than it should.  In particular, smoking results in wrinkles.  Some of the wrinkles happen around your mouth when you inhale and puff on the cigarettes.  However, wrinkles also show up all over your face.

stop smoking

The nicotine found in cigarettes causes blood vessels in your body to contract, including the blood vessels in your face.  As a result, your skin gets less oxygen and important nutrients carried in your blood, and this ages your skin.  Other chemicals also harm the collagen and elastin – important to prevent sagging – in your face.  If you won’t quit smoking for the sake of your lungs at least consider the reflection in your mirror!

Use coconut oil –

I’m absolutely in love with coconut oil. In addition to the benefits from ingesting this healthy fat, it provides great moisturising benefits when massaged into your skin, as well as smelling divinely delish!  It is also a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells.

coconut oil

Be sure to use organic, high-quality coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated or further processed.

Protect your skin from the sun –

Too much sun can be damaging and aging to your skin. Not to mention the risk of sun cancer.

Protecting your skin is one of the easiest ways to prevent aging of your skin, and keep it looking young for years to come.

There has been a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of sunscreen and in fact if the chemicals in them are just as harmful. Regardless of your stance on this covering up, whether you use a 50+ spf, an organic or natural sunscreen or cover up with hat, shirt umbrella etc, there is no doubt you should protect your skin and consider staying out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.

sun protection

Be sure to wear hats that shield your face and neck from the sun, and wear sunglasses to avoid squinting and the development of unsightly wrinkles around your eyes.

Exfoliate –

Exfoliation of your skin involves removing the top dead skin cells, which tend to make skin look dull and flaky.  It also reduces fine lines, and helps improve the performance of treatment products you may be using on your skin.  It is suggested that you exfoliate your skin twice a week.  To do so more often is not recommended as it can leave your skin irritated.


The key is to use a gentle scrub that does not damage your skin.

Eat well –

You are what you eat. If you want healthy, youthful looking skin on the outside, then you also need to take care of the inside. Eat a health diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholefoods and minimal sugars, refined and processed foods.

fruit and vegetables

Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are all important antioxidants which can help fight the signs of aging.

Reduce stress –

Stress is harmful to your body in so many ways.  It can be damaging to your heart and blood vessels.  It is also damaging to your skin.  That is why it is important to find ways to reduce your stress, and keep it under control.