Achieving better health and a leaner, more attractive physique is easier than you think.

The good news is you may already have everything you need to get started. If not, a little research and a nominal investment (compared to escalating medical bills and lost productivity due to poor health) is all you need to start living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

When you decide to make this lasting lifestyle change, a good blender is one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal. When used correctly, these versatile and user-friendly kitchen appliances can deliver life-changing results. As with most other things in life, what you put into your blender will determine what you’ll get out of it. So instead of making calorie-laden milkshakes or frozen cocktails, use your investment to prepare delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothies and tasty soups.

Before you know it, you will soon feel better, look better, and have more energy to tackle the demands of every day life.


Once you start getting the right foods into your body, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you notice positive results. With a high-quality blender, you’ll find you can incorporate a lot more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet. Replacing even one meal a day with a blended concoction of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies can make a big difference in your overall health.

Now, don’t think you need to completely eliminate the solid foods you love from you life when you start blending. In fact, the right solid foods are an important part of any healthy lifestyle. However, the incredible health benefits derived from blending are welcome addition to a well-balanced diet of solid foods.

Would you like to have the following?

  • A stronger immune system
  • A quicker, sharper mind
  • A lean and attractive body
  • Healthier, younger looking skin and hair
  • Increased energy
  • Better heart health

The good news is you can reap all of these benefits when you add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet on a daily basis. A high-quality blender makes it easy to accomplish this.

The “Big 5” Health Benefits of Blending

 You may have noticed that juicing has become extremely popular in recent years. However, the important dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables is removed in the juicing process. This is not the case when you choose to blend, rather than juice, your ingredients. As you’ll see below, this is just one of the main benefits of blending vs. juicing your food.

5 Important Health Benefits of Blending

1. Blending preserves healthy, natural fiber

Juicing is great for extracting the healthy nutrients, enzymes and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, the process of juicing removes most of the dietary fiber found in these ingredients. Blending delivers the benefits of juicing, while retaining 100% of your food.

This is important because fiber is essential for helping your gastrointestinal system functioning properly. It helps regulate your dietary tract, lowers your risk of contracting dangerous diseases, and helps stabilize your blood sugar level.

In short, blending preserves all the natural fiber goodness that nature has to offer.

2. Blending increases consumption of fruits and vegetables

Many health professionals and fitness experts agree that adults should get at least 5 or 6 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. In today’s fast-paced society, that is not always possible. Blending makes it much easier to ingest at least the minimum recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day.

3. Blending makes it easy to try new, healthy foods

It’s so easy to get stuck in an eating rut. We all tend to eat the same foods over and over again because it’s faster and easier than figuring out something new. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but research shows that adding variety to your diet can boost your metabolism. It also helps you get all of the diverse minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins your body needs. Blenders make it easy to whip up a nearly endless number of creative food combinations so you can easily make new foods a part of your daily lifestyle.

4. Blending reduces the chance of converting your food into fat

Your body is designed to process food as quickly and efficiently as possible. As you might imagine, it takes your body longer to break down solid foods than it does liquids. As a result, your body has more time to convert certain solid food components to fat. That is not the case with blended liquids, beverages and soups.

In this sense, your blender acts as a highly efficient external digestive system. It breaks down solid food into quickly digested and processed liquids. That immediate conversion delivers your health benefits quicker than when you eat solid foods, while allowing your body very little time to convert your food into fat.

5. Blending makes it easy to make smarter, faster meals

In just a few minutes, you can blend an assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables into rich, delicious, and nutrient-packed beverages. So all you have to do is keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to start making smarter meal choices. In addition, blending takes very little time and involves minimal cleanup when compared to preparing, cooking and eating solid foods. This means you’ll more time to spend on other activities.

Why Blending Is Perfect for a Busy Lifestyle

 A lack of free time is a major challenge affecting many adults today. Perhaps you’ve heard someone say something along the lines of  “There are never enough hours in the day,” or “I never seem to have enough time to do the things I want to do.” Perhaps those words have come out of your own mouth, as well.

Fortunately, blending healthy concoctions is super quick and easy. This is why it is so perfect for your busy lifestyle.

It takes time to prepare, cook and eat most solid food meals. Then there is the cleanup, which often takes longer than actually eating the food that you just prepared. Blending healthy drinks takes no more than a few minutes at most. Cleanup requires very little effort and many blenders have dishwasher-safe components.

Blending can free up 5 to 10 hours – or more – each and every week.

You can blend healthy soups, drinks or frozen treats in advance and store them in your freezer and refrigerator for later use. This makes it so much easier to establish healthy lifestyle habits, since you now have all the “extra” time you need to incorporate exercise and fun, physical activities into your schedule.

Many fitness professionals and health experts agree that adding a minimum of three 20-to-30 minute sessions of moderate-to-intense physical activity to your schedule each week will help you get in shape and stay fit. For best results, you need to eat right, as well.


There is virtually no limit to the foods and beverages you can make with a versatile, high-quality blender. Since blending takes very little time – and cleanup is next to nonexistent – it gives you the free time you need to incorporate more exercise into your life. For these reasons, blending is an ideal way to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Top 5 Myths of Blending Debunked

Unfortunately, blending is sometimes given a bad rap because of misinformation. So let’s take a moment to set the record straight about some key blending myths once and for all.

1.Chewing foods is better for your digestive system

 The reason we chew food is to break it down so it is easier to swallow and digest. Your blender does the chewing for you, releasing healthy enzymes, nutrients and natural minerals for faster absorption into your body.

In addition, adding blended foods to your diet doesn’t mean you need to cut out solid foods completely. Far from it! In fact, there are some healthy solid foods, such as chicken breast or seafood that would be really unappetizing in blended beverages.

2.      A quality blender is super expensive

Blenders range in price from around $20 to well over $1,000. Throughout that broad price range, there are a lot of high-quality blenders that offer a good mix of value, versatility and functionality. You do not have to spend more than you are comfortable with to enjoy the many health benefits of blending.

3.      A store-bought smoothie is just as healthy as one I blend at home

Did you know that the main ingredient in most retail smoothies is artificial apple juice and pineapple juice? To keep costs down and profits up, smoothie stores buy cheap, artificially flavored beverages, often times with an extremely high sugar content, to make the basis for your allegedly healthy smoothie. At home, you choose exactly which natural ingredients you use to blend your own delicious and healthy beverages.

4.      Juicing is healthier than blending

Juicing and blending are both healthy practices. As we mentioned earlier, blending trumps juicing in one very important way:  Blending retains the healthy dietary fiber lost in the juicing process.

5.      The heat from the blender motor kills healthy enzymes in food

Enzymes do not die unless they are overheated. Food must reach a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit before enzymes are destroyed. This does not occur in most blending situations. Just be sure to never “over blend,” which means limiting blending time for leafy greens and other delicate fruits and vegetables.

Getting the Kids Involved

Most kids naturally love blending.

Think about it for a second… What kid doesn’t love a good science experiment? They love watching foods and liquids whirling around as their creations change form right in front of their eyes.

Use this natural curiosity to your advantage. Get your children involved by allowing them to select their favorite fruits and vegetables to blend when you go grocery shopping. When you get home, help them create yummy combinations with the healthy foods they already enjoy.

Blending is also a great opportunity to teach responsibility. For instance, you could show your child how to clean the blender and return it to its proper place when you’re done.

You can also use this activity to promote originality, creativity and independence in your children. When you trust your young child to blend with minimal, age-appropriate supervision, the boost in self-confidence and creative thinking is immediate.

In short, blending is a safe, simple and fun activity to enjoy with your kids. As an added bonus, the health benefits associated with smart blending can open the door to a lifetime of healthy lifestyle choices.

Start Looking and Feeling Better Today

What are you waiting for? Get started turning a simple kitchen appliance into your dream body. Your new healthy lifestyle is waiting on you, along with all the rewards it delivers.

Your skin and hair will look younger and healthier. You will feel better mentally and physically. Your mind will become sharper and quicker, your body will crank up its natural defense system, and your odds of becoming sick will drop drastically.


Besides, blending healthy, nutritious and delicious beverages, juices, foods and other liquids takes little time, requires very little cleanup, and can be enjoyed on any budget. Take a minute now to go through our companion Blender Buyers’ Guide to find the perfect blender for your family.

All of the information you just learned is useless if not put into practice. So dust off your little-used blender or purchase a new one, and you will see just how quickly your new healthy lifestyle can positively transform your life.