Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m so conflicted about this book. My rating has wavered between 2 and 4 stars so I’ve settled halfway.. but it really doesn’t give a complete picture. It’s not an easy book to review. And to do it without spoilers is a tough ask.. so here’s my attempt to tell you without telling you, if you know what I mean.Behind Her Eyes review

Firstly let’s start with the technical aspects of Behind Her Eyes. It was a quick and easy read.. (about 4 hours at my reading speed) I felt perhaps too easy for the overall theme of the book – it is categorized as a psychological thriller after all. At times it seemed a little one dimensional and lacking of depth. It’s fate I think will be continual comparison to Girl on the Train – perhaps unfairly. The jumping between character views is a style I always find distracting and add in flashbacks.. it can be confusing to keep track.

But there was still good reason to kick on…

The trending hashtag for this book is #wtfthatending and the promotional material and chatter on the web has unashamedly promoted the twist at the end is a WTF moment. So that sets an expectation up front.

I can’t help but look for the twists, try to work out what the ending will be. It’s a game I love to play… but I equally end up hating a book if I can work it out.. and the earlier I can, the more I hate… such is my passion for and relationship with literature.

Let me state here that simply being blind-sided by an ending goes a long way to colour my option of a book..regardless of what comes before or the nature of the ending.

About halfway through Behind her Eyes, I saw foresaw the twists and how they would come together. About 20 pages out from the finish my disappointment started to sink in, as indeed my theory came to fruition.. a particular theory I’d already decided would not sit well if it came about – and I feel many who love the psychological thriller genre, will feel the same way.

Next was time for the wrap up..mopping up the story as it were.

The last six pages…….


…you think you know!

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