June featured

Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

I love June.

June is time to light the wood fire for cosy nights with a glass of red wine as winter creeps across Australia.

June is  time to get the slowcooker out for rich warm stews and soups. And meat that just falls off the bone.

June is more morning cuddles in bed with the cat, as she tries to get extra warm between myself and my husband.

June is the blossoming of autumn and winter blooms creating a splash of colour in the whole garden.

Down my way – June is the winter solstice – time to get excited as days start to get longer again.  The air is crisp and fresh.  Every breath from your lips on a winter morning is exhaled in a puff of white mist.


Roses are the flower of the month and while they are dormant in the southern hemisphere, it is the perfect time for planting.  Or if it is a Winter Rose (Hellebore) the garden blooms in spectacular colour.

Moonstone is my favourite stone – and as luck would have it – my birthstone. Moonstone is said in crystal healing to help calm responses and stress, and avoid overreaction. It brings hope, enhances  feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to one’s life. Now who couldn’t do with a bit more abundance!

If you are a mad home cook like me – June has some great themes for cooking. Okay admittedly most of these are US based – but there are just too many yummy options, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I borrowed them and tried to get them instigated in Australia! Now the challenge is to find sugar free, whole foods healthy options.  It could be a busy month!

  • 1 – National Hazelnut Cake Day: You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Combine it with hazelnut and you’ve really got something.
  • 2 – National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day: How about some homemade  coconut ice cream?
  • 3 – National Egg Day: So many ways to prepare eggs.  But the big test.  Can you boil the perfect egg?
  • 3 – National Donut Day (First Friday): Really?  I thought this was everyday!
  • 4 – National Cheese Day: Cheese is my weakness.  While I am primarily paleo, I do include the occassional dairy – and yep.. it’s cheese!  Although I’m quite partial to a well seasoned cashew cheese.
  • 4 – National Cognac Day: Whether you serve it as a beverage or use it in recipes, there are many things to do with cognac. Use it in sauces for meats and seafood or even as an ice cream topper.
  • 5 – National Gingerbread Day: I would have thoughtnthis was more a December thing – but who am I to argue.
  • 6 – National Applesauce Cake Day: A whole day for an obscure, but delicious dessert.
  • 7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Another Icecream day – these need to be stored away for summer!
  • 8 – Jelly-Filled Donut Day: How do they get the jelly in the middle of the donut?
  • 9 – National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day: All I can say is Yum!
  • 10 – Herbs & Spices Day: After travelling through the middle east andf seeing the spice markets in Morocco and Turkey I’m obsessed with spices! My collection is a bit OCD
  • 10 – National Iced Tea Day: Sweetened or unsweetened? It’s an eternal debate, so go find some answers.
  • 11 – National German Chocolate Cake Day: Need an excuse to eat more chocolate cake? You just got it.
  • 12 – National Jerky Day: Beef jerky, turkey jerky, buffalo jerky and more. There are so many flavors.
  • 12 – National Peanut Butter Cookie Day: Chewy or crumbly? How do you like your peanut butter cookie?
  • 13 – Kitchen Klutzes of America Day: What a fun day. What are your kitchen disasters?
  • 14 – National Strawberry Shortcake Day: A perfect summertime treat. Make some for that perfect summer feeling. Or in my case to recapture that summer feeling while it’s winter
  • 15 – National Lobster Day: How do you like your lobster? Whole or au gratin.
  • 16 – National Fudge Day: Fudge is delicious, but it can be complex to make. Find a recipe marked as simple and easy and put it to the test. Take plenty of photos or video.
  • 17 – Eat All Your Veggies Day: Attention all parents It’s Eat All Your Veggies Day. If you have children and they don’t always eat their veggies, take a video of them “enjoying” this important day.
  • 18 – National Cherry Tart Day: Fresh cherries are one of the many treasures of summer. Show off your creativity with a fresh spin on this summer classic.
  • 18 – International Picnic Day: What’s your perfect picnic menu – winter or summer.
  • 18 – National Sushi Day: Have you ever made your own sushi rolls? Now’s a great time to experiment and share the results. It’s easier than you think.
  • 19 – National Dry Martini Day: Love martinis – but why stick to dry!  T a french, lychee or expresso!ry
  • 20 – National Vanilla Milkshake Day: How do you make your milkshake?
  • 21 – National Peaches and Cream Day:  The beautiful peach colors against white cream. Yum. Yum. Yum.
  • 22 – National Chocolate Éclair Day: It’s a donut, but a fancy French one.
  • 22 – National Onion Rings Day: Do you like them breaded or with a tempura batter? What about a paleo version?
  • 23 – National Pecan Sandy Day: Buttery cookies with pecans? I’m in.
  • 24 – National Pralines Day: Pralines in France and in America aren’t quite the same. Discover the differences and do a taste test.
  • 25 – National Strawberry Parfait Day: Get creative with this one. Do you use yogurt or cream cheese? Add granola or graham crackers? Drizzle it with chocolate or plain with cream.
  • 28 – National Tapioca Day: Keep the pudding theme going with your favorite tapioca pudding recipe. And what the heck is tapioca anyway? Be sure to give your readers the 411 on that one.
  • 29 – National Almond Buttercrunch Day: Call it buttercrunch or roca, it doesn’t matter because it’s delicious. Make up a batch and share the recipe with plenty of photos.
  • 30 – National Ice Cream Soda Day: What’s your favorite? Root beer float? Or do you prefer cream soda? Share some unique flavor combinations.

So many options to choose from in June – what’s not to love.

Finally though June is Birthday Month! (If you don’t celebrate birthday month you are missing out! – Everyone should have a month of being extra spoilt and extra special). Birthday month means a party and a party in winter means a fire – toasting marshmellows, spit roast, having fun  with friends and family.


I’m super excited about birthday month this year – and so should you be!  Something  extra special will be happening so stay tuned and make sure you are following the blog!

So it might be cold, it might be wet.  The other half of the world might be headed into a deliciously warm summer.  TGhere are always things to enjoy and be grateful for.

And that’s why I love June!


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