I get questioned a lot by friends, family, colleagues and clients about my choice to move toward a paleo influenced lifestyle.

I still am surprised by the misconceptions and lack of understanding of what that really entails.

Commonly people think it means I eat a LOT of meat, that I can’t really socialise because it would be too difficult, that it is very time consuming and expensive or it’s not possible to do with a family.

Well anything can be expensive if you choose to make it so – there are many ways to follow paleo principles on a budget (And we will cover those in future posts)

I certainly do need to be a little more prepared with my shopping, food prep etc, but that’s actually not a bad thing, it actually saves me time and money and means we are much less wasteful with groceries.

I also don’t eat mass amounts of meat..although I do enjoy a good medium-rare steak every now and then!

In general people seem to think Paleo is just too hard.  It is in fact one of the easiest ways of eating I’ve found. Going out is easy – there is always at least one option on the menu (usually more) that follow paleo principles.

It’s also one of the easiest to adjust to your own family requirements and people range from 100% strict to following the basic principles but adding in small amounts of dairy’s or legumes if they can tolerate them.

At the end of the day the guiding principle that I follow is that my food is not processed, is natural, organic, locally sourced where possible, in season, grain free, and sugar free.

The biggest thing to remember is this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change so it’s actually okay if you fall off the wagon… just get back on again.

My own experience?  I’ve found I’ve actually less and less desire to “fall off” because in the end, I feel so much better for my good food choices.

And it really isnt all that hard to make the change.  Here’s a simple cheat sheet I’ve created to help you if paleo is new to you, or you just need some reminders.


Feel free to share, repost or print out on A4 to keep somewhere handy.  Enjoy!

Download PDF Here ~ Paleo Cheat Sheet

Paleo Cheat Sheet