Supersets…A word I have a love-hate relationship with when it comes to my training.

On the one hand..I KNOW all the trim, taut, lean muscle building goodness they deliver.

But OMG how I HATE them!


So what exactly are supersets and why should we include them in our training regime?

Supersets are when one set of exercises are performed immediately following another set – without a break in between.  The two sets of exercises are most commonly opposing muscles – eg push ups (chest, shoulders, triceps) and pull ups (back and biceps)

Supersets can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

* Save time. Going from one exercise to another without rest will make your workouts shorter and more efficient.
* Increase intensity. If you choose supersets that work the same muscle, but with different exercises, you’re adding to the intensity of your workout.
* Make things interesting. If you’ve been doing straight sets forever, supersetting can make weight training more interesting and more challenging.
* Easily set up a workout. All you do is pick two exercises, either for the same muscle or by using some of the other ideas listed below, do them one after the other. Rest and repeat!
* Incorporate more variety into your workouts. You don’t have to do exercises for the same muscle group. You can do opposing muscle groups or even two complete different parts of the body.

By adding supersets into your workout and changing it up every 4 to 6 weeks you can avoid weight loss plateaus.


supeerset 2


So what’s my experience with  supersets?

The result after six weeks was an increase in fitness and strength, an increase in lean muscle mass, a weight loss of 8 kilos and a drop in body fat of 10% plus the most important thing – a drop in four dress sizes. With the help of my trainer I added supersets into my regime when I’d hit a plateau.

Now I was on a keto diet – high fat, high protein low carb, no sugar – at the same time – which certainly contributed to the weight loss but the increase in strength and fitness,  in lean muscle mass and overall muscle tone come down to the work in the gym and those dreaded words from my trainer – lets do some supersets!

Only hated more by the phrase ” It’s time for triples….”

Superset workouts

The Metabolism Boosting Workout
For videos and full description  ( )

SuperSet 1:  Alternate 3 sets each with 10-12 reps of each

* Bent Over row (Back and Triceps)
* Decline Bench Press (Chest, Shoulders, Butt and Hamstring)

Superset 2:  Alternate 3 sets each with 10-12 reps of each

* Preacher Curl (Biceps)
* Diamond Pushup (Triceps)

Superset 3: Alternate 3 sets each with 10-12 reps of each

* Quadruped (Butt, Hamstrings and Core)
* One Legged Calf Squats (Quads and Calves)

Superset 4: Alternate 3 sets each with 10-12 reps of each

* Criss Cross (Obliques and Deep Abs)
* Roll Ups (Deep Abs)