If you are reading this post, then things have gone wrong.

Very, very wrong!

I’m normally a planner.

I plan for every eventuality, every possible crisis I can conceive might happen in a situation.

It tends, in general to cause an excessive amount of stress. Mainly because the worst almost never happens and I’ve just made myself (and usually my husband, my friends and my pets) live through all the catastrophic events that might have happened.

I’ve been doing some personal development work over the last few months around CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy.  I am a “catastrophiser” and I have really been working on that… maybe a little too much as it turns out.

For those of you that have been following the blog….you’ll kind of notice it’s not there anymore… see, I didn’t plan for the catastrophe…. but it happened!

Hosting service got hacked, no working back up of my blog… typical online support from overseas hosting company (ie less than helpful).

For a blog owner losing several months or more of original content is a major catastrophe.

(I’ll note here that I have now change hosting services and the current hosting company went out of their way to try to help, though in the end it’s come down to starting again!)

So it makes me wonder the merit of going against my normal nature which is to plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. Prepare for the disasters, now your worst case scenarios, mitigate the risks.

Now I’m sure I’ve oversimplified it a bit here… It’s really about balance, which I guess is the point I’m coming to.

There’s so much self help and self development information out there.  There are any number of people that have well meaning advice on what to do, how to think, how to feel, how to cope…

In the end it’s about finding a balance.  I’m sure that there is a healthy balance for me between “catastrophising” (or what I still consider being really well prepared for every eventuality) and dealing with problems when they arise and saving myself the stress of worrying about what doesn’t eventuate.  I’m just still looking for that balance.

So the future of the blog… well there will be more recipes – and of course I’ll be reposting the old ones, more tips on career, fitness and maybe a few new surprises.

Keep an eye out for a bigger and better blog (backed up on a daily basis!)